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The Internet is turning every enterprise into a publisher 24/7-365 days per year.  E-commerce strategies are emerging from thousands of the largest organizations in the United States and around the globe. 


The power of the Internet and its effect on communications is 
overwhelming and instant.


After nearly a year in development and thousands of hours in research 4mobileproducts.com introduces a new source for critical information -- one that delivers information and resources for Manufactures, Sales Agents, and Venture Capitalization Firms.  We have defined our coverage to meet those needs, and we continue to search for the best and brightest content source providers.   We're ready to guide you through the Internet Publishing Explosion with the development of online virtual trade shows and information on Mobile, wireless, and SMS products and companies.


Our outlook is global, our experience is international. Our wants are simple:  To  provide the most effective new product and service solutions for online viewers, advertisers and website publishers.


Don't get left behind in these dynamic and turbulent times. If you want to keep up with what's new, you will want to keep your eye on 4mobileproducts.com.


We look forward to your success.


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Duane E. Wangenheim 

President/Chief Content Officer


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Another way to make a difference is by reading the complaints. Before you buy, stop in at eComplaints.com and read the complaints other consumers have issued. It might stop you from making a mistake and you'll prod companies into paying more attention to service.


4mobileproducts welcomes your contact.  Whether you have
questions or suggestions, we would like to hear from you.  



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